Roof Repair Services

At Rose City Roofing and Renovation we understand that you need a quick response to your roof repair problem. We offer prompt, professional Roof Repair Service, communicating with you every step of the way so that you can get answers to your questions and solutions to your problems fast. We are completely dedicated to responding to your needs quickly, offering immediate solutions to your problems, providing high quality work while properly communicating with you throughout the entire process!

Roof Inspection & Honest Roof Repair Diagnosis

During the initial consultation with a Rose City Roofing and Renovation, we won’t pressure you into replacing your entire roof. That is because the majority of roof leaks can be fixed without needing a roof replacement. We will diagnose the cause of your roof leak and offer you options to suit your budget and long-term needs.

While we are repairing your roof, we will take pictures of the problem area so you can see exactly what the problem is that we are repairing. This will allow us to show you why we are suggesting certain solutions specific to your roof.


  • framing
  • insulation
  • drywall
  • taping
  • painting
  • trim
  • hanging doors
  • flooring of any kind
  • furniture assembly
  • snow removal
  • landscaping
  • yard maintenance
  • fences
  • decks
  • roofing

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